Route through Monasteries

The Monasteries are spiritual centres in La Rioja. Lots of them have been preserved for more than ten centuries. They constituted a retreat of prayer place and cultural centres that were built in rural spots which are a long way from decline of Roman cities in the Visigoth Age.

Santa María la Real Monastery in Nájera; Yuso and Suso Monasteries in San Millán de la Cogolla, that was the cradle of the Castilian language; Cistercian Abbey in Cañas and Valvanera Monastery

  Pilgrimage to Santiago

It’s the most famous tourist route in La Rioja on the Pilgrimage to Santiago. The Pilgrimage to Santiago, that it’s the first European Cultural Route and Humanity Assets, is one of the most used tourist routes by travellers to know the history, art and culture of La Rioja.

  The mountain

A tour of Torrecilla in Cameros; a visit to many places: “El Rasillo’s Sailing club” with the possibility of going for a swim in summer and doing nautical activities; Ortigosa Caves in Cameros (consult timetables); and the Natural Park of Cebollera Mountains, an ideal place for hiking and enjoy nature.

  Active Tourism

La Rioja has a large offer of Active Tourism: Golf, riding a horse, hiking, cycling, archery, quads, mountain sports, etc … All these activities are given by professional instructors in this sector in La Rioja. Request us for more information in the activities you are interested, we put you in touch with our professionals.

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